Friday, November 19, 2010

34 week baby update

How far along? 34 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 23 pounds. I went down a pound this week which was welcome news, especially since we found out that she's quite the little chubster in there. As long as she's a good healthy weight I wouldn't mind losing ten more!

Maternity Clothes? They still suck. So does stretching out your normal clothes though, so many days I give in.

Stretch Marks? Nothing within my realm of visibility.

Sleep? Getting worse. I may actually sleep MORE once she gets here.

Best Moment This Week? Seeing her chubby little cheeks on the 3D/4D (what the hell is 4D?) ultrasound

Movement? She's completely out of room and readied herself for the great escape. As long as she doesn't scoot herself out of position we should be good to go.

Food Cravings? Food is gross. So is Thanksgiving.

Gender? Still has a vagina. I know because I saw it in 3D. We are pretty confident at this point that she is, in fact, a she.

Labor signs? Nope. Just a few Braxton Hicks here and there.

Belly Button? Still an innie. I'm watching it carefully though.

What I Miss? Taking a deep breath.

What I Am Looking Forward To? Getting her swing in.

Weekly Wisdom? Do everything early. You will run out of time and by then your hormones will not let you handle it like a rational being.

Milestones? We got the Miracle Blanket, the bouncer, the Ergo, the Boppy, the nursery vinyl and the coming home outfit all in. Just 50 or so things to buy and we're ready for her to get here!


Anonymous said...

It's really weird that I have very little idea of what you are saying regarding the things that you bought. What happened to diapers and bottles. Maybe a crib thrown in. Boppy? ergo? miracle blanket? What has become of the simple things in life??????

Webb said...

Sound is the 4th "D".