Monday, November 15, 2010

Day Nine

Yes, I'm behind on this, but I will finish eventually. This one stumped me for a while because when we bought a new laptop I never transferred old files over to it from previous computers. That means that there are virtually no pictures of friends on this hard drive.

But, I do have one set of pictures from my best friend's graduation last year so at least it's something. I've been friends with Lex since 6th grade when I moved to the middle of nowhere. That makes it something like 17 years (which is insane!). She's running things out in the middle of the ocean right now as a Navy officer - we're all very proud of her and baby girl Park can't wait to meet her Auntie Lexi when she comes back!


Anonymous said...

I like these pictures. Great of both of my girls.!!!! Mom

Alexia said...

dude, you look super hot in this pic!!!