Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Seven

A post about my favorite movies could realistically be four pages long, but I'll try to keep this to a minimum.

Ever After, Pride and Prejudice, and The Princess Bride - could watch the three of these over and over and over and never get tired of them. Sigh. So romantic.

Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club - The boy had never seen any of these before me. What the heck is wrong with him?

A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation - The boy and I watch Christmas Vacation while we're putting up the Christmas tree and again on Christmas Eve, and we watch Christmas story several times on Christmas Day. I love these holiday traditions!

I also watched Top Gun so many times in college that I actually burnt out the DVD, so no movie list would be complete without the sweetness that is Maverick vs. Iceman!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughts and Day Six

I love beautiful things. Of course I love things like diamonds and pearls and Cartier Christmas ornaments, but mostly I love beautiful things like framed pictures of family, flower pots on windowsills, and stacks of Halloween pumpkins just waiting to be carved.

I often blog-stalk with mouth agape, deeply envious and impressed by the creative abilities my distant acquaintances have. Some of them have massive amounts of money that allow them to peruse the Restoration Hardware seasonal catalog and place orders longer than my grocery list (and seriously, who does RH think they are - Louis Vuitton?). But some of them have an innate ability to walk into a Goodwill store with eight dollars and walk out with a piece of furniture that will look like it came from Pottery Barn.

I do not have this creative gene. Never have, never will. My mom can paint, and draw and sculpt, but she kept all of this to herself because the best I could do in art class was trace a comic and pretend I free handed it.

So, I am trying desperately (with the help of copying other's creativity) to make our house a beautiful place, but it is very slow going. I pick up things here and there, but I lack the ability to picture the items once they are in my house and often time they get to the place I intended them to be and they just don't fit.

Also, I have the energy of a thirty-five year old pack mule (is that old for a pack mule? I assume so.), but that is another thing altogether. If this supposed 'nesting' doesn't kick in the Peanut is going to throw a fit when we get her home from the hospital. I'm counting on this mythical stage to visit soon so I can finish her shopping, put together the rest of the nursery, and (cringe) finish unpacking because apparently getting the cardboard boxes out of my house in two months is just too much to ask.

And now, for the day six task. Pictures that make me smile:

Corey helped me with this project when he could see that I was about to go crazy from wedding related crap. I love how it turned out.

No offense to any of your canines, but it's pretty much a fact that Sprocket is the cutest thing on four legs.

My boys.

Our little miracle.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day Five

When I was three all I wanted was a little sister. We would play with dolls, stay up late and whisper secrets to each other in our makeshift bedroom fort.

When we went to the hospital to see my little sister I could hardly contain myself. And then there was this wriggly little creature with as much hair as a capuchin monkey. His name was Michael and my dreams were crushed.

I decided I would call him Hogwash instead.

He maintains that I tried to kill him several times during his first years of life but I disagree. I was just toughening him up for life.

Now I adore my baby brother and couldn't imagine life without him.

His intelligence often surprises me given the fact that he chooses to spend much of his time with his overgrown frat brothers discussing the merits and beer and women. His work ethic rivals a superhero - I've never seen him back down from a tough job. He's also incredibly supportive and no one else gets the welcome from Sprocket that Uncle Mikey gets when he pulls into the driveway. Often the Beagador tries to shove at least three gifts into his jaw for his favorite person, and he wriggles back and forth like a sidewinder.

I do look forward to the day when he finds a girl that will encourage him to wear ironed clothes and eat things with color, but regardless of his rampant bachelordom he is the perfect little brother.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day Four

Today's post is scheduled to be about my parents and the reason that I'm posting it a bit later than originally planned is that I couldn't find a picture of my parents in my computer. I asked my mom to send me one last week, but she's ignoring me so it would be only fair if I scrounged one up from Christmas morning without makeup. But, I'm sweet so I'll settle for this one.

My parents are pretty much the coolest parents in the history of the world. My mom is a five foot tall-ish positive thinker who likes to spend her time making lists and cutting coupons. My dad is a six foot plus former college lineman with expensive tastes and who sees the glass as half empty and probably full of some cheap nasty liquid anyway.

To say that they are opposites is a vast understatement. And they've been very happily married for 35 years this past June.

Growing up I always used to gag and run from the room because they were cuddling on the couch and making out. Realistically, what twelve year old wants to see that nastiness? Even though I can't say I enjoy seeing my parents make out now, I am thrilled that I have had such a great example of enduring love and patience in a marriage.

Corey and I truly enjoy spending time with my parents, not just as mom and dad, but more as people. True, we seek out their advice and guidance on things (although my mom lies about how long it takes to install a ceiling fan) but our most memorable times are spent sitting around the fire pit in their gorgeous backyard, having a drink (or club soda) and talking. My dad and Corey love to golf together, and my mom and I will shop, cook, or simply watch the Beagador run amok in the backyard.

The Peanut can't wait to meet her Grandma and Grandpa, although I think Corey and I are in for a world of pain - my Nana and Papa spoiled me rotten and I have it under good authority that my parents have some of the same plans for their precious baby granddaughter.

Friday, October 22, 2010

30 week baby update

How far along? 30 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 20 pounds - up another pound from my 28 week appt. Apparently this kind of thing is normal, but I feel like an orca.

Maternity Clothes? Still hate 'em. I wear mostly dresses and yoga pants so I don't have to look at that stupid belly panel on the maternity jeans.

Stretch Marks? Nope. Which means if I'm getting maternity pictures I should probably do it now before my belly blows up.

Sleep? Yes, Corey is sleeping just fine, thank you.

Best Moment This Week? Hmmm. This week has been kinda blah. Last Saturday I slept three hours in a row though, so that was pretty exciting!

Movement? She's out of room to kick, so she mostly just rolls and prods me with knees and elbows. It looks a bit like a waterbed mattress when you look at my bare belly.

Food Cravings? Sour apple Jolly Ranchers sound good. Hard candy helps with the heartburn and the taste of vomit, so I think I'll go pick some up.

Gender? Girl. And if it's somehow a boy who has been hiding his parts this whole time I'm punishing him by making him sleep in a pink nursery with girl monkeys all over the walls.

Labor signs? Nope. So far, so good. She's still enjoying her stay at casa de uterus.

Belly Button? I can't see the thing, but Corey says it's getting more and more shallow. If it pops out I will be duct taping it daily.

What I Miss? Not waddling.

What I Am Looking Forward To? Her Pack N Play should be here today. Long term I'm looking forward to not taking these stupid iron pills for anemia. Yuck!

Weekly Wisdom? Don't be friends with people who only gained 15 pounds during their pregnancy. They were only put here to make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves.

Milestones? 30 weeks baby! That's rounding third and heading for home! I never thought we would make it this far.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day Three

I'll save you the drama right now and tell you that I'm going to be writing about my husband. Sure, there were two times in my life before Corey that I thought I loved someone, and without an abiding and universal definition of love I guess if you think it exists it does. However, in retrospect I was a naive child and a co-dependent mess at the times of these relationships and when love and respect exist without each other I have a hard time believing that the love part was ever there at all. Cryptic enough for you? Good, because I really have no desire to dredge up old crap. So let's move on.

When I first was introduced to Corey we were in a dirty dive bar and neither of us were remotely interested in the other. Apparently I was a big snob, and he was, well, he was drunk.

Four or so months later our mutual friends tried to set us up and I was reluctant. "He's too quiet," I told them. At that point I couldn't understand why they both laughed so hard their faces turned red.

We did eventually agree to a double date, and for the next few weeks Corey remained polite, quiet, reserved and respectful. The Air Force sent him to New Orleans for a month and we spent countless hours on the phone getting to know everything about each other. And then slowly, when he came back, the real Corey started to come out. The Hooters T-shirt emerged from his closet. His friends started eluding to this mischievous man who would run up and punch them in the face for no reason. He drove his huge, loud truck even faster and Hank Williams could be heard from the gates to my apartment. He told me he hated cheese plates and the symphony and shirts with collars.

The debutante in me was crushed, but it was far too late. I was gone. I sobbed on my desk at work one day that I was going to marry a hillbilly and my children would be walking around barefoot chewing straw. A bit dramatic to be sure, but he also would be lying if he said his ideal life partner was a snooty, red-wine sipping, John McCain volunteering, Yankee city girl.

Why he chose me I doubt I'll ever really know, but I can tell you that God plopped this goofy boy with bright blue eyes right in the middle of my life and derailed me from my tracks at a million miles an hour. We never deserve the blessings we are given, but I'm nothing if not eternally thankful for this one.

Corey is the most thoughtful, caring, and responsible man I've ever met or even heard about. When I was laid off a few weeks before our wedding he didn't even flinch. "I make enough to support us and you didn't need the stress of that job anyway."

I love that when I'm not looking he cuddles up with his smelly mutt on the couch and they snore in harmony. I love that he calls me from the golf course when he makes an amazing shot just because he wants me to share in his excitement. I love that he stood by my side every day that we were going through fertility treatments and never once made me feel like my body was letting him down.

I happen to think that your first love happens the first time you find real, true, uncomplicated adoration and you don't have to question whether or not it's right. You just close your eyes, hold on, and say prayers of thankfulness every second of the day.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day Two

So today's post is supposed to reflect the meaning behind my blog name. I'm pretty sure my blog name is "The Park Family" so I'm not sure how much direction you people need here.

I will explain that the meaning behind our blog address (yankeeandrebel) is that when Corey and I first started dating I would lament the fact that I already knew my children would be born with goofy little southern drawls and big blue eyes, and he teased me that his family would never accept his "Snobby Yankee Bitch".

Of course, years later we now know three things:

1) Peanut probably WILL have a southern drawl, but it's because her mama has started talking like a damned hillbilly, not because of her daddy. Somewhere along the line I subconsciously decided that if you can't beat them you should join them and I hear myself saying "Ya'll" and even "Ain't" on occasion. Then I lock myself in my room and repeat lines out of a diction book for thirty minutes.

2) Peanut only has a 13% chance of blue eyes. It's biology, not rocket science.

3) His family DID accept his snobby yankee bitch wife. In fact, they are all incredibly nice to me. I'm sure they secretly think some of my ways are very strange - "What do you mean she's never been frog giggin'? - but they are sweet nonetheless.

I haven't had the heart to tell them that the North won.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day One

An introduction seems quite silly since I'm quite certain that the limited audience that my blog entertains already knows me, but I'll play along.

I am Christina. Wife to Corey, mother to a one-year-old Beagador named Sprocket and a 29 week old incubating baby we like to call Peanut. I'm a mostly boring stay at home mom who likes to channel Betty Crocker and June Cleaver with a little bit of 80's Madonna thrown in just for spice.

The last picture I allowed to be taken of me was on our cruise when I was just five weeks pregnant, so you'll have to settle for that. Yes, people have demanded a plumped up version, and just as soon as I can find the energy to do my hair I will succumb to peer pressure. For now, settle for this:

This is in Roatan, Honduras and although that looks suspiciously like a baby bump I assure you that it is simply Clomid bloat. Just what every woman wants right before she goes on a cruise, right? Although there was a baby in there, she was the size of an apple seed so I can't blame the belly on her at all.

15 interesting facts could be a stretch, but I'll give it a go anyway:

- My thumbs are double jointed. So are my mom's. My Nana said it was a sign of fortune or something, but my Nana was known to make crap up.

- The boy and I collect magnets and those little squashed pennies wherever we go. We are almost as lame as stamp and/or spoon collectors, but not quite. Our refrigerator is already covered with many different cities and countries, but I hope that by the time the Peanut graduates high school the entire thing is blanketed.

- The boy is trying to talk me into writing a book and he almost has me convinced. None of you will ever read it though because it will be chick porn written under a terribly tacky nom de plume. Why? Because you can write that drivel while you're half asleep, editing is optional, and it makes good money.

- Growing up, I was the queen of sleeping in. Now, thanks to a noisy Beagador, a snoring husband, and a baby who is trying to disjoint my hips I am lucky to make it to dawn.

- I make the best inside-out German Chocolate Cake you've ever had. It's true. I'm not modest about this one.

- I hate chocolate. Really. It's just not good. I also hate meat. Because of these two aversions I have had zero cravings during pregnancy thus far.

- My wedding day was NOT the happiest day of my life. It was miserable. However, I have had thousands of happiest days with my darling husband so I wouldn't change it for anything.

- I yell at the television. It used to just be during sporting events, but now I do it all the time. Rachael Ray is a favorite victim of mine, as well as Sandra Lee, Oprah, the dumb contestants on Jeopardy, and anyone 'reading' the news.

- I haven't paid for any toiletries in at least two years. It really is amazing the degree to which Walgreens and CVS will pay you to take their merchandise. I still get embarrassed using coupons, but I can't help but grin when I walk away with a bag full of stuff that I just made two bucks to buy.

- Because of my frugality I have little patience or tolerance for people who claim to be broke and accept government and/or societal handouts when they're spending their money on things like cigarettes, alcohol, eating out and Target odds and ends. If you can't afford diapers you can't afford vodka.

- I humbly think my Beagador is the cutest thing that God ever made. Also, at some points in time I think he is the dumbest thing He ever made too. He's the Megan Fox of dogs.

- I have a bladder disease which prohibits me from drinking anything other than water and club soda. I miss coffee and diet coke, but the way I miss red wine and whiskey is on a whole different playing field. Sometimes I open the bottle of Jack in my freezer and just sniff it. You know, because that's not crazy at all.

- I think that those who don't vaccinate their children are irresponsible and inviting epidemics that the world hasn't known in decades. I also think that parents of children with egg allergies or immune deficiencies who are not able to vaccinate their children should be allowed to punch non-vaccinating hippies whenever they want.

- I think an epidural sounds lovely.

- I can't stop watching "Teen Mom" on MTV. I'm not exactly sure what their target demographic is, but judging by the Clearasil and Trojan commercials I'm guessing it's thirteen year old girls. Guess what? I don't care! Watching that oompa loompa Amber beat the crap out of her fiance/ex/boyfriend Gary is the stuff dreams are made of.

30 day blog challenge

Although I love frequenting blogs that are updated on a regular basis, I still can't seem to find the motivation or suitable content to keep mine more up to date than a few times a month.

To help with these struggles I'm adopting the challenge that I've seen floating around the blogosphere recently, and I'll give it my best effort to remain somewhat diligent in my postings.

If anyone else wants to participate, here's the challenge:

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name
Day 3-Your first love
Day 4-Your parents
Day 5-Your siblings
Day 6-A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 7-Favorite movies
Day 8-A place you've traveled to
Day 9-A picture of your friends
Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Day 11-Favorite tv shows
Day 12-What you believe
Day 13-Goals
Day 14-A picture you love
Day 15-Bible verse
Day 16-Dream house
Day 17-Something you're looking forward to
Day 18-Something you regret
Day 19-Something you miss
Day 20-Nicknames
Day 21-Picture of yourself
Day 22-Favorite city
Day 23-Favorite vacation
Day 24-Something you've learned
Day 25-Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 26-Picture of your family
Day 27-Pets
Day 28-Something that stresses you out
Day 29-3 Wishes
Day 30-a picture

Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby update

I haven't really been playing this game, but I'll go ahead and do it anyway since I have nothing else to talk about. Here is the generic baby update form:

How far along? 28 weeks

Total Weight Gain? Wow. Getting awful personal right off the bat. Up 19 pounds since the beginning of our cycle with the RE, and up 14 pounds since our positive test. According to my OB now, those drugs make you swell up like a baby whale so I'm only counting the 14. It makes me feel better.

Maternity Clothes? I did buy two pairs of maternity pants and I hate them, so I mostly wear my old jeans with the buttons undone and long shirts to cover my ginormous belly. Yoga pants are also lovely.

Stretch Marks? None that I can see. Of course, the lower half of my body is now a complete secret to me, so I could have all kinds of things going on below the belly button that I'm unaware of.

Sleep? Somewhere between 24 and 27 weeks my bladder completely gave up, so sleep went along with it. I sleep in 45 minute increments between trips to the bathroom.

Best Moment This Week? Every moment she's cooking in there is amazing. Seeing her and hearing the heartbeat are always cool too. The upside of being 'high-risk' is getting to check on her so frequently!

Movement? Little girl is just finishing up her ninja training and it appears that she's graduating top of her class. The only times she calms down are after I eat (she apparently hates food just like her mommy) and when her Daddy reads to her every night. She quiets down for the story and then throws a holy fit when he's done.

Food Cravings? I hate food! The morning (all day) sickness isn't completely gone and nothing ever sounds good.

Gender? Still a girl, every time.

Labor signs? Braxton Hicks, but nothing real.

Belly Button? Still an innie, but I can now see my laparoscopy scar so I know it's stretching out some.

What I Miss? Brushing my teeth without vomiting.

What I Am Looking Forward To? Her nursery artwork coming in.

Weekly Wisdom? Never underestimate how cool it is to bend over without grunting like a sumo wrestler and losing your balance.

Milestones? Every single day is a milestone. I want her to keep cooking for as long as possible!